What Exactly Is Buy Here Pay Here?

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships in Maine are just like everywhere else, they are a place where the financing of a vehicle is done entirely in house. You buy the vehicle "here" and pay for it "here" as well. This means there is no third-party credit or auto loan finance company that you pay your monthly payments to. Instead your auto loan payment is made directly to the dealership that you are buying your vehicle from.

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships typically offer alternative auto financing options to those with bad credit. If you have a low credit score, or maybe you are currently behind on an existing loan, buy here pay here offers a potential financing solution to help get you into a vehicle that better suits your needs. It also offers a single company to deal with from financing to repairs.

For many people buy here pay here dealerships are currently their only option for purchasing a new to them vehicle as they take on people with higher credit risks than an average person purchasing a vehicle in Maine. It is an opportunity to begin rebuilding credit and getting back on your feet financially.

Is Lee Credit Express A Buy Here Pay Here Dealer?

Not exactly. Lee Credit Express does provide auto financing through its own finance company. This allows us to finance customers who can't get an auto loan from a traditional lender because of bad credit, which is what a 'buy here pay here' dealer does. But that is where the similarities end. Customers don't have to make payments at our dealerships, they simply mail their payments to the finance company. And unlike most Maine 'buy here pay here' dealers, we have newer cars and service contracts that protect your investment. We consider it  'buy here pay here' done right. 

You can begin your pre approval process by submitting a pre-approval form and start the process to see if our version of buy here pay here is the correct option for you.

What Types Of Cars And Trucks Can I Buy?

Typically buy here pay here Dealerships offer low quality vehicles. Lee Credit Express has a large selection of affordable, dependable, quality cars, trucks and SUVs to fit your lifestsyle. Learn more about the type of vehicles you can expect to purchase or browse our current inventory here.


How Easy Is It To Find A Buy Here Location?

Lee Credit Express has many locations to best serve our customers and additional information on them can be found by clicking the links below.

Augusta, Maine

Norway, Maine

Saco, Maine

Topsham, Maine

Westbrook, Maine

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